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We are a full service veterinary clinic providing quality traditional and holistic care for your pets and animals. Our vets are fully qualified, experienced and teach other vets in the fields of dental, behavioural and holistic therapies.

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ph (07) 3122 1997

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
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1016 Stanley Street East,
East Brisbane, QLD 4169.

Veterinary Services

Animal Wellness is a full service Veterinary Clinic located on Stanley Street East, East Brisbane, providing quality traditional and holistic care for your companion animals. Our vets are fully qualified, experienced and teach other vets in the field of dental, behavioural and holistic therapies.

Call Today on (07) 3122 1997 to Find Out More

Fully Qualified Staff

Our Veterinarians are fully qualified in all aspects of Veterinary Surgery and Medicine, and in addition have Integrative knowledge in Holistic modalities including:

  • Acupuncture, Nutritional management of disease
  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Western Herbal Medicine
  • Integrative Cancer Care
  • Advanced Dentistry (including Root Canal therapy and Surgical extractions)
  • Behaviour and Shiatsu/Remedial physical therapies

We perform a full range of medical, diagnostic, surgical, vaccination, de-sexing and skin and dental check ups.

Our Next Workshop!!


Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November 2019, 9am start.
At Animal Wellness vet Clinic 
1016 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane 4169

JOIN US! This 2 day course is an intensive weekend on therapeutic massage for pets,ideally suited to dedicated pet owners,remedial massage therapists,dog groomers/walkers,vets,vet students and vet nurses. Exceptionally useful for calming pets and pets with behavioural problems & a useful tool for the examination process to aid a more relaxed consult for both the vet and the pet. Therapeutic massage aids rehabilitating an animal following cruciate, spinal, abdominal or any orthapaedic surgical procedure.

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Healthy Nutrition and Herbal helpers!

Thursday 21st November - 7-9pm.
At Lord Stanley  Pub 
994 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane 4169

JOIN US! Come to an informative fun evening learning about NATURE'S Medicines and FOOD THERAPY to help both you and your pet achieve wellness. Some supplements, Herbal Medicine, and simple food additives will be discussed to help ease conditions such as Arthritis, General aches and pains, Relieve stress, and prevent and support Cancer patients.   A Light supper and refreshments including Teas and Coffee will be included..

Contact Catherine with any questions on 3122 1997

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Phone & Internet Consultations

We service a large geographical area and work with many Veterinary Surgeons around Australia.

We are happy to provide assistance in treatment plans to your local vets consultation, and can script or send out herbal help and advice to add quality of life for many chronic diseases.

We request a complete history, preferably by email to animalwellnessvets@gmail.com, from your vet so that we can provide this treatment advice to yourself and your vet.

House Calls

If you live within 5 km of our practice we provide House calls for a minimal add-on fee. Please call during business hours on 3324 2291 for more information.


We understand how tough times can affect your ability to care for your pet. Therefore we offer a 20% reduction in service fees as well as Care Credit through reputable lending agents for major expenses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a state of optimum health on the physical, emotional and mental planes. Achieving a healthy state is not the same as fighting a disease. It is the prevention of disease whenever possible.


Learn about our excellent staff, their illustrious careers and exciting hobbies, their much loved pets, and why they are so passionate about what they do!


healthy recipes

We recommend a variety of easy to make at home recipes to help assist with your pets health as well as keeping them healthy on a day to day basis.



Listen and Learn as Dr Elaine Cebuliak Talks About Microbiomes 2019

Discover the Gut-Brain axis with this fascinating talk by Dr Elaine Cebuliak! Learn about your gut health, and how gut bugs help determine behavior.

Did you know that we are made up of 90% Bacteria?! This amazing talk teaches you about pro and pre biotics, bacteria in the intestinal tract, gut microbiome functions, the effects of bad bacteria, how the Vagus Nerve is the KEY to well being, nutritional psychology, and a whole lot more.

Dr Elaine is very highly qualified and an absolute wealth of vital information. What you will learn in this talk will, without a doubt, positively impact your life, your family and friends!

Animal Wellness put on a wide variety of talks, information seminars, courses and workshops throughout the year. Scroll up to our Next Workshop section to find out what's on now.

Cool Stuff

Bali Dogs of Nusa Penida

Help us raise funds to build a much needed vet clinic on the gorgeous island of Nusa Penida. 


Perfect to use as preventative measures and healthy treats, as well as aiding health and the immune to treat various illnesses.

Workshops & Events

Dr Elaine Cebuliak runs Animal Massage workshops at various times throughout the year. Animal Wellness also hosts other events and information sessions.


We often have really cool stuff on offer to make life better and happier for you and your pets. This is the place to stay up to date!

here's What people are saying...

Please take a moment to enjoy some of these incredible testimonials from clients of Animal Wellness.

Dr Elaine and her team do an incredible job, consistently and compassionately. 

If you have a testimonial to send in, please send it here, we'd love to include you on our website. Remember to attach some photos too!

Chris and Elaine, the care and advice you gave to get Bacon back on his feet again was amazing - you guys really went the extra mile! A huge thank you from Sam, Sal and Bacon.


Thank you for helping cure me and making me the fit, healthy dog I am today. Merry Christmas to All!! Jack the Staffy.


Thanks Animal Wellness Team


Thanks Animal Wellness team



Contact Details

ph (07) 3122 1997
email animalwellnessvets@gmail.com

Business Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday: closed

Clinic Location

1016 Stanley Street East,
East Brisbane, QLD 4169.

You Can Help

Donate now to the Bali Dogs of Nusa Penida and help us build a much needed vet clinic on the island.

Go Fund Me link for Bali Dogs of Nusa Penida


See you soon !